A Mediterranean diet is full of healthy fats, protein, and vitamins. From red roasted peppers and vine leaves to yellow roasted peppers and olive pastes, Greek food products are popular among the health conscious.

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Greece Box

Curating Chef Diane Kochilas brings you healthy, delicious cuisine from her ancestral home of Ikaria, Greece. From lamb keftedes meatballs to trahana soup, it’s easy to experience Greek traditions at home. Enjoy small plates of tzatziki, breadsticks, and dolmas for a Greek mezze experience!

What's Inside

The Greece Box is filled with products that are the foundation of the Mediterranean diet, which has made Greek food famous for its health benefits. From a herbaceous Tzatziki mix to delicious stuffed vine leaves from Palirria, this box will transport you to the rocky cliffs and azure waters that dot the country.

Curating Chef

Diane Kochilas

Born and raised in a Greek home in New York City, Chef Diane Kochilas has spent her career promoting all things Greek, good, and gourmet. She is a chef consultant, has worked with many Greek restaurants around the US, and has appeared on numerous TV shows, such as “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” Chef Kochilas’ philosophy is rooted in simplicity, community, and wholesome foods.


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