Egg Chitarrine

Egg Chitarrine

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Named äóìthe finest pasta in Italy,äó? this chitarrine is made with just egg and flour. The owners roll the dough and hang the noodles by hand, so they retain their flavor and chewy texture. Unlike machine-made pasta, this chitarrine also has a porous surface, so the noodles hold onto sauces well. Chitarrine is best paired with simple sauces and mix-ins, like olive oil and steamed clams, though itäó»s delicious with pesto or meatballs as well.

  • Product of Italy
  • All-natural, vegetarian
  • 8.8Œæoz.; 250 g
  • Ingredients:ŒæDurum wheat semolina, eggs (32%), essential lemon oil (2.5%)


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