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Three ways to
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Whether you want to recreate an authentic culinary journey, add gourmet snacks to your everyday or upgrade your panty with high-quality versions of what you have, we have you covered in all three aspects.


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What do we bring to the table?

The one stop shop for all things gourmet, we strive to bring you only the best, international food products from around the world.

Expert curation

We collaborate with notable chefs to curate the selection of products for every box. The process ensures that all items you receive are authentic and of the absolute highest quality.

Authentic production

Items are sourced directly from their country of origin, and we make every effort to work with small, family-owned companies who follow traditional and artisanal methods of production.

A world of experiences

Each box comes with a Culture Guide that includes the story behind each product, recipes to make with the items, and tips to best experience the country’s culinary culture.