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If there was one word to describe the people of Spain, it would be passionate. And if there was one to describe their country, it would be diverse. Within the untamed beauty of its countryside and coasts—lonely villages perched on cliffs, sunbaked beaches with endless white sand, ancient churches steeped in Islamic tradition—urban centers vibrate with life and energy. Flamenco dancers, the Running of the Bulls festival, and a dynamic nightlife make Spain’s many cities as striking and diverse as the country’s culinary heritage. We invite you to look through your culture guide to discover our favorite way to experience Spain: by hosting an incredible paella party at home for friends!

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France is a magical place—and with good reason. No matter where in France, it’s the local expertise in artisanal and regional specialities that make this country so remarkable—and its cuisine so exquisite. The France Box, curated by Chef Christophe Schmitt, is a perfect introduction to the best of this country’s cuisine.


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