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Expert Curation
We collaborate with notable chefs to curate the selection of products for every box. The process ensures that all items you receive are authentic and of the absolute highest quality.

Jet Tila | Thailand
The son of the first Thai grocery store owners in the US, Jet Tila spent his childhood learning to cook with his grandmother. Today, he is a regular judge on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and is Thailand’s first-ever Culinary Ambassador. He is also the chef-owner of Pakpao Thai restaurants in Texas.

George Mendes | Portugal
Chef George Mendes is known for his refined take on rustic Portuguese dishes. He is the chef-owner of Lupolo and the Michelin-rated Aldea in New York City and the author of the cookbook My Portugal.

Emma Bengtsson | Sweden
Originally from a small town on Sweden’s western coast, Chef Emma Bengtsson grew up learning the secrets of Nordic cuisine from her grandmother. After working at a variety of notable restaurants in Sweden, she moved to New York and led Aquavit to become a two-star Michelin restaurant as its executive chef.

Authentic Production
Items are sourced directly from their country of origin, and we make every effort to work with small, family-owned companies who follow traditional and artisanal methods of production.

Dip & Scoop | Morocco
A cooperative of Berber women in Morocco, Dip & Scoop specializes in the sustainable production of argan oil, a Moroccan speciality that is highly prized for its virtuous qualities. Dip & Scoop ensures the preservation of these precious trees by following sustainable harvesting methods. Plus, the cooperative helps women find employment in the region!

This family-owned company makes their salted butter caramels with butter and salt from Brittany. The recipe was born in the summer of 1946 when the French celebrated peace and their return to Brittany at the end of World War II.

Chiwadi | Thailand
Instead of retiring after almost 30 years in the workforce, Chiwadi’s founder decided to follow her calling and help struggling locals in Thailand. She invented a new technique to harvest coconut flower nectar (a syrup very similar to honey) and created a network of farmers who grow, harvest, and produce various coconut products sustainably.

A world of experiences
Each box comes with a Culture Guide that includes the story behind each product, recipes to make with the items, and tips to best experience the country’s culinary culture.

Enjoy a French goûter
Every French child looks forward to the 4 o’clock snack time—known as le goûter—when they can indulge in sweets before dinner. Thanks to the tea, cookies, and other sweets from the France Box, you can indulge in your own goûter experience.

Host a Spanish tapas party for friends
Tapas are the ultimate finger food: small, savory appetizers, they’re served in almost every bar in Spain. Using the recipes from the Spain Box Culture Guide and the items from the box, you're sure to host one of your best evenings to date!

Prepare a Swedish smörgåsbord
This famous buffet is one of the most quintessential culinary traditions of Sweden. Equipped with the items from the Sweden Box and simple recipe in the included Culture Guide, it's easy to prepare your own smörgåsbord at home.

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You likely won’t be able to find Try The World items in your local grocery store, but if you love something from a box or want to try other flavors from your favorite producers, you can buy it again on the Shop!

Bake Love Koo! | Argentina
Based in Buenos Aires, Bake Love Koo! specializes in making a variety of butter cookies. Some of their cookies are so delicious, they're hard to resist finishing in one sitting!

DULCE DE LECHE | Argentina
Dedicated to environmental sustainability, Doña Magdalena uses natural, local milk from the best cattle in Argentina to make sweet spreads. Their dulce de leche is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kasugai | Japan
In 1923, Kasugai began selling nuts and dried fruit in a small shop in central Japan. Soon after, they developed their popular gummy candies, which continue today to be made with real, flavorful fruit juice.

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