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Some of our past boxes
Pantry by Try The World

The 'Chef' Box

  1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet, Portugal - $29.90
  2. Onde, Italy - $7.90
  3. Coffee Beans, Peru - $9.90
  4. Tumaca Sauce With Garlic, Spain - $7.40
  5. Jasberry Rice, Thailand - $9.40

Total retail value: $64.50
Pantry Box: $24.95
Save 60%!

Some of our favorite products

Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil

Delicious Crete, Greece

This aromatic olive oil comes from Crete, a large island south of mainland Greece known for its agriculture and cuisine. Dedicated to sharing Cretan food with more people, two food-loving interior designers started this company during the recent economic crisis.

Coffee Cream Caramels

Dos Cafeteras, Spain

Dos Cafeteras is recognized as one of the best producers of traditional Spanish sweets. These coffee cream caramels are made through an involved process of slow-cooking, hand-kneading, and cellar-aging.

Honey with Piri Piri

Casa da Prisca, Portugal

Casa da Prisca prides itself on producing the same specialiy products that its founders mastered four generations ago. Mixed with spicy piri piri sauce, this natural wildflower honey is great with cheese and crackers.

Virtuosa Coffee Beans

Giuliano Caffè, Italy

Slow Food International named Giuliano Caffe a "master of taste." Its coffee is roasted for more than twice the length of standard processes, giving it this signature flavor. The blend boasts a beautiful aroma with smooth flavor, and is balanced and light.

Meet our artisans

Darling Sweet | South Africa

Frits and Hentie, the duo behind this toffee, have been hiring locals to make their signature sweets since 2013. Deliciously rich and creamy, it's made with pure butter from Darling (a South African town known for its excellent butter) and wrapped in a recycled and biodegradable packaging.

"It's one of the few food subscriptions we're seriously tempted to join because they deliver the world's delicacies right to our door. "
"Opening the box is the closest thing you can get to souvenir shopping at the end of a great vacation abroad.”
"From fleur de sel from Paris to pumpkin and hazelnut jam from Portugal, this subscription service will satiate any hungry globetrotter.


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