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Ready-to-serve savory treats like pickles or preserved vegetables

Antipasti & Savory Spreads


A range of premium canned seafood like mussels, tuna, or squid

Jarred Seafood


Mini, ready-to-eat cakes from around the world



Pastries that are perfect for dessert or a midnight snack



Gummies, hard candy, and other sweets to indulge your sweet tooth



Premium chocolate, direct from the source



Familiar classics like mustard or mayonnaise, plus other innovative condiments from around the world

Essential Condiments


A wide range of cookies including buttery biscuits from France, spicy cinnamon cookies from Spain, and everything in between



The perfect mix-ins for homemade granola and yogurt, or a delicious snack all on their own

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit


Drink mixes, fruit syrups, and powders to add flavor to water or cocktails

Drink Mixes


A premium selection of olive oil, plus exotic varieties infused with natural aromas

Olive oil


A wide range of vinegars like classic balsamic, plus foreign favorites like sushi vinegar



A rotating selection of premium pasta and noodles

Pasta & Noodles


Rice, couscous, and other grains from around the world

Rice & Grains


Classic sauces that are easy to reheat and mix into a dish

Ready-to-Use Sauces


BBQ and pasta sauces to spice up any weeknight dinner



The best snacks and cheese board additions, including crackers, vegetable chips, and other savory treats

Crackers & Savory Snacks


Easy baking mixes for sweet and savory treats

Baking Goods


Premium salt and pepper from around the world

Salt & pepper


Exotic spices, herbs, and seasoning blends sourced fresh from local artisans

Spices & Herbs


Sweet fruit spreads perfect for breakfast toast



Premium honey from around the world, delicious on toast or swirled into yogurt



Rich, creamy, and indulgent sweet spreads, like hazelnut or chocolate creams

Nut, Chocolate & Other Sweet Spreads


A wide range of international teas and blends, including Japanese matcha, black and green tea, and flavored varieties with fruit and aromas



Incredible coffees, featuring both grounds and beans, from the coffee capitals of the world



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