A delicious selection of all-natural snacks from around the world — delivered to your doorstep. 5 snacks. 5 countries. Every month.
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Each box is filled with a hand-selected variety of unique sweet and savory snacks made by small-scale artisinal producers from around the world. They’re natural, healthy, and easy to enjoy on the go!

Quality: All of our snacks are made with authentic, natural ingredients so you can feel great about what you eat.

Authenticity: We strive to partner with small-scale producers who support culinary traditions and sharing great food!

Discovery: Learn all about the producers, ingredients, and artisinal techniques behind each of our snacks.

Snacks we love

Sriracha Banana Chips | Banana Joe

Nomad makes their snacks so they’re easy to enjoy on the go! Containing essential minerals and vitamins, all of the company’s products are made with only nuts and dried fruits from Chile.

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Chia Seed Pudding with Moroccan Orange Blossom Water and Dried Goldenberries from Peru. #TryTheWorld From @cestlebrie

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Dried berries in yogurt. From the @trytheworld holiday box 🎁 #trytheworld #breakfast

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These Cacao Nibs & Blueberries from Peru complement any dessert perfectly! 😍🙌 #TryTheWorld

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Start your day with cool snacks from around the world, like golden hom thong banana chips. #TryTheWorld