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Our Most Loved Snacks

Palets Butter Cookies


Since 1888, La Mère Poulard has been baking their signature French cookies using rich butter from Brittany. These crunchy, buttery, Palets Cookies are delicious dipped in tea or hot chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes


Made with popped rice, these cakes have a delicious layer of creamy milk chocolate. They are the perfect chocolate fix, while still being filling and nutritious.

Coffee Crispy Rolls


This bite-size treat is made with just apples and raspberries because of a unique technology that keeps only the extract from the dried fruits. It’s a great portable snack you can take anywhere because of its resealable zip-lock bag.

Raspberry Marshmellow


Made in Romania, these raspberry-infused marshmallows are an upgrade on the classic sweet treat. Add them to hot chocolate for a special twist!

Breadsticks With Sunflower Seeds


Founded by five brothers in the village of Stavrakia on Crete, Baking Stories uses natural ingredients and stone-ground wheat flour to elevate the quality and flavor of their snacks. Crisp yet light, these breadsticks are perfect for your own mezze celebration.

Sriracha Banana Chips

Banana Joe

Made with golden hom thong bananas, this aromatic snack takes you right to Thailand! Sweet and spicy, these chips are made specially for Sriracha lovers.

Pineapple Power Boost


Nomad makes their snacks so they’re easy to enjoy on the go! Containing essential minerals and vitamins, all of the company’s products are made with only nuts and dried fruits from Chile.

Prawn Cocktail Chips


These hand cooked potato chips are specially made to pair with a refreshing pint of beer. With perfect crunch and fun, shrimpy flavor, they're sure to transport you all the way to a local London pub.

"It's one of the few food subscriptions we're seriously tempted to join because they deliver the world's delicacies right to our door. "
"Opening the box is the closest thing you can get to souvenir shopping at the end of a great vacation abroad.”
"One of the best parts of world travel — buying local goods and bringing them home to show off to friends and family — can still be enjoyed from home. With Try The World."

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Chia Seed Pudding with Moroccan Orange Blossom Water and Dried Goldenberries from Peru. #TryTheWorld From @cestlebrie

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Dried berries in yogurt. From the @trytheworld holiday box 🎁 #trytheworld #breakfast

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These Cacao Nibs & Blueberries from Peru complement any dessert perfectly! 😍🙌 #TryTheWorld

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Start your day with cool snacks from around the world, like golden hom thong banana chips. #TryTheWorld