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Kharisma Coffee
Kharisma Coffee Kharisma Coffee

Kharisma Coffee



The fika coffee break is one of the most recognizable Swedish traditions. True to this cultural heritage, Löfbergs has been harvesting and roasting their coffee blends through sustainable methods since their founding in 1906. This blend is the strongest that Löfbergs makes a perfect blend for the coffee-obsessed.

        • Product of Sweden
        • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free
        • 8.82 oz.; 250 g
        • Ingredients: ground coffee

Thanks to the traditional fika coffee break, Swedes are very selective about the brands they drink. Löfbergs is one of my favorites, and their various roasting intensities ensure that everyone finds a flavor to their taste. -Emma Bengtsson, curator of the Sweden Box


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