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Mild Sweet Paprika
Mild Sweet Paprika Mild Sweet Paprika

Mild Sweet Paprika



Paprika is a primary ingredient in many of Spain's best-known dishes, including paella and patatas bravas. El Avion makes this mild and slightly sweet paprika, packaged in a collectible vintage tin, with ripe peppers to maintain the spice's bright color and flavor.

  • Product of Spain
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, all-natural, dairy-free
  • 2.64 oz.; 75 g
  • Ingredients: mild paprika

The flavor of this paprika is key to making great chorizo or chistorra. It adds such a great depth of flavor to all tapas. It's a key staple to any pantry. -Jamie Bissonnette, curator of the Spain Box


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