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Pistachio Cream
Pistachio Cream Pistachio Cream

Pistachio Cream



Sciara, a small farming town in Sicily, is renowned for producing pistachios and other nuts of unrivaled quality and taste. This sweet pistachio cream, with its light and airy texture and sweet earthy taste, is great spread onto bread or pastries. Pistachio spread is especially delicious paired with chocolate.

  • Product of Italy
  • Vegetarian, gluten-free, all-natural
  • 6.7 oz.; 190g
  • Ingredients: Pistachio (30%), sugar, vegetable oils (soy oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, corn oil in variable proportions) and vegetable fats (palm) non hydrogenated, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, emulsifier: E322 (soy lecithin), flavor (vanillin)


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