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White Truffle Oil (Small)
White Truffle Oil (Small) White Truffle Oil (Small)

White Truffle Oil (Small)



Urbani is distinguished by their use of naturally-derived truffle compounds that harness the truffles' intense, earthy flavor. The Urbani White Truffle Oil is wonderful drizzled over pasta, potato, risotto, and indulgent egg dishes.

  • Product of Italy
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, all-natural
  • 1.9 fl oz.; 55 mL
  • Ingredients: olive oil, tuber magnatum pico (white truffle aroma)

Urbani is known for its excellence in truffle harvesting and the quality and simplicity of its products. The heady fragrance of their truffles and truffle products lends a rich, indulgent sheen to complete almost any dish. -David Rosengarten, curator of the Holiday Box


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